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Clinical Trials Translation
In our rapidly changing world there is a society of people with a constant desire to improve the quality of life of those around us and to remedy incurable diseases. Palex Group is legitimately and proudly among those striving to contribute to the medical community and ultimately humanity.
The clinical trials industry demonstrates the trend of going global, which leads to higher patient enrollment, reduced costs, and the ability to collect data from a varied ethnic pool.
As a result it also places certain requirements on contract research organizations (CRO), trial sponsors, institutional review boards (IRB): presenting the results in a very short turnaround time and with impeccable translation quality. This is when you need a reliable and experienced language partner.
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How Palex Brings Quality
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Certified Translation
All clinical protocols are prepared in accordance with the internationally accepted good clinical practice guidelines developed by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH). Without a clear understanding of the principles it is impossible to provide the necessary quality. Therefore, all our specialists dealing with clinical research projects are GCP-certified and work in accordance with guidelines to assure that the rights, safety, quality, and timely delivery are maintained. Moreover, throughout 18 years of flawless work in the medical field, the Palex group has accumulated a vast community of doctors and clinicians consulting our linguistic experts. Therefore, each project is supported and approved by our subject-matter experts. Working with the Palex team streamlines the process and becomes a strategic advantage.
Technologically Aided Translation
In order to speed up the process keeping the remarkable quality and consistency of translation, our linguistic experts complement their work with the use of translation memories, terminology glossary management systems, and Palex's proprietary automated quality check solution Verifika, developed by our software engineers. Our commitment to technology accelerates the translation process, minimizing the chance of a mistake. Moreover, many years of working with life science projects has given us the competitive advantage of understanding the industry.
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Elaborated Workflow
In order to accelerate the speed of translation while keeping its quality, we elaborate the most effective workflow for each project, depending on the type of documents for translation. Analyzing the source text, our experts define the milestones and the resources of the project and estimate possible risks. Depending on the client's needs we identify an optimal workflow with the perfect cost/time/quality ratio.
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Patient Centricity
NCBI presented a report which stated that a staggering 50 percent of clinical trials do not recruit within their planned time frame. Today, an average 30 percent of patients will drop out of a clinical trial, costing researchers valuable time and tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore clinical trials are becoming more and more patient centric and this trend is also valid for translation partners. First of all, trial protocol -related documentation is becoming more patient friendly and explanatory, which means that translation must be sensitive to sociocultural factors and absolutely clear to patients. So, while the majority of clinical trials today take place in the emerging countries such as India and Africa, we have expanded our team of linguists to cover almost any dialect in the world and make all the necessary documentation available to patients.
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Types of Documents We Translate
Clinical Study Protocols and Reports
Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)
Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
Drug Registration Documentation
Case Report Forms (CRF)
Patient Questionnaires
Regulatory Documents
Doctor and Patient Guides
Investigator's Manuals and Brochures
User Interface strings and User Assistance documentation
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