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Rapid and reliable localization services for your goals into 80+ languages
Machine Translation Post-Editing

Machine Translation

Get the best of both worlds by combining the machine power translating large volumes of texts with the human understanding of the context and the purpose of the text.
what we do
Light post-editing (LPE)
Full post-editing (FPE)
Light PE is for the internal documents, instructions, guides, etc. A translator corrects typos and grammar errors.
Full PE is for high visibility texts posted on your website, social accounts, apps, etc. It is a top-quality translation made according to your style guides, glossaries, and other requirements.
There are dozens of e-learning content creation platforms such as Articulate, Storyline, Rise, Adobe Captivate and Lectora, each with their own features and peculiarities, and our engineering team has worked on most of them. Our localization engineers have mastered a lot of complicated tools used in our clients' projects and accumulated vast expertise in dealing with almost every type of content.
E-learning document translation services
Palex has thousands of professionally trained native linguists and subject matter experts specializing in a variety of financial and fintech disciplines such as investment banking, corporate finance, insurance, and international accounting. We translate virtually all types of financial documents such as banking statements, balance sheets, accounting documents, investor annual reports, shareholder reports, and financial training manuals.
Financial Document Translation Services
Palex provides ISO certified document translation services for leading companies in pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare, biotech, and CRO industries. We translate a variety of medical documents, including IFUs (information for use), informed patient consent documents, medical device user manuals, clinical protocols, healthcare training manuals, and much more.
Life Sciences Translations
Our Machine Translation Post Editing workflow
Machine Translation + Post Editing (MTPE) allows for your content to be translated into multiple languages in almost no time at a reasonable cost and with acceptable quality using advanced technology.
Afterward, professional human translators check and edit the machine-generated translations.
We can work with your preferred MT tool or create a blend of MT tools according to your project requirements. We can also work with your existing machine translation.
Machine Translation