We Provide

Linguistic Services

ISO-certified translation process provided by native speaking translators.
A necessary step in the translation process, involving native-speaking linguists and subject-matter experts.
A necessary step in the translation process provided by the best linguists in the industry.
Formal Quality Assurance (FQA)
Is performed by our in-house team of checkers using industry leading translation quality assurance tool Verifika.
Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA)
A system used by our linguists to prevent and avoid possible mistakes at any stage of the translation process.
A process of adapting a text from one language to another, maintaining the message, style, tone, especially in the marketing products.
Terminology Management
The process of terminology base/glossary creation based on the source text using statistics and other analytical instruments.
Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)
The process benefitting from both the speed and ability of computer engines and human intelligence and skills of linguists.
SME Validation
Each our project is supervised by the expert in the given industry, so we can handle expert review or consultation of the translation
This complex service is rendered on demand in cases of clinical trials instruments translation.
Cognitive Debriefing
Also a part of clinical trials instruments translation implemented with the help of target audience and interviewers.
Linguistic Testing
Testing of localized software or web interface for linguistic mistakes.

Engineering Services

A complex service which includes: audio to text transcription, text translation, voice talent cast, audio recording, recording editing and integration.
Subtitling/ Transcription
An automatic audio to text transcription service including subtitles/captions creation and synchronization with the video.
Handling of any file formats including FrameMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, LiveCycle, CorelDRAW, Abbyy FineReader, Articulate, Captivate, Latex and many more.

CAT Project Preparation
The process of project preparation, including custom file type setup, custom file type creation, and alignment.
Desktop Capturing
The process performed by our localization engineering team providing necessary screenshots and desktop recordings.
The process performed by our DTP department, involving the translated text adaptation (fonts) to the original design of the document.
Functional Testing
Testing of localized software or web interface for functional errors.
3D/2D Animation Handling
Localization of 3D/2D animation including text/images processing, synch with audio, rendering output video; objects and textures editing/replacement/ recreation.
TM and TB Maintenance
Bases update and versioning, conversion into different formats when necessary.
Audio and Video Processing
Is performed by our localization engineers; it includes cutting/gluing audio and video, noise reduction, format conversion.