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Difference between Website
Translation and Localization

The translation is the practice of substituting words from the source to the target language. While it is better than nothing, translation alone might not suffice catering to the global market. The localization is different from translation. It doesn’t just substitute words but adapts the website for the local market. Localization takes into consideration linguistic, cultural, and technical characteristics of a targeted region, making the website feel native and familiar to the customers.

Localization Services

Website Localization Services
Multilingual website localization seems like a challenging task, but it yields great profits. Trust our 20 years of experience in localization of websites and collaterals, including:
  • CMS Solutions
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Adaptive Websites
  • Responsive Websites


Website Localization Process
Website is the first point of greeting new customers into your brand, no matter the industry. Palex team of professional translators helps many industries to extend their reach with accurate localization.






Life Sciences




Software Development


Website Localization Process
01. Internationalization
02. Localization
03. Testing and QA
04. Implementation
Internationalization is the process of preparing the website for use in a different language. It is usually made on the stage of development to leave room for future localization. If it was not done prior to localization, our experts will review the structure of the website and give advice on internationalization.
At this stage, our professional linguists and subject matter experts will carefully adapt the contents of your website to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of the target audience. This includes design, user interface details, multimedia, and more.
The quality assurance team works in tandem with the linguists, reviewing drafts at every stage of localization. We also employ computer-assisted QA systems to weed out mistakes unnoticed by a human eye. Then our testers check the functionality of the localized website to guarantee seamless performance.
After we make sure that everything runs smoothly, we launch the localized website for the international market.

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Why choose us?

Human Quality

Human translation bridges the gap between inadequate translations and a new level of understanding for the reader. With modern machine translation, human translators will still have to correct about 10% to 20% of machine-translated content to ensure accuracy.

ISO Certified Translators

We value the trust of our customers. To ensure the accuracy of translation and protection of clients’ sensitive data, our translation services are certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Fast Turnaround

Our professional translators familiar with your sector can translate faster, without needing to check for terms and phrases all the time, ensuring high-quality translation services ready for publication purposes.

Liability Insurance

We insure our professional activity up to $ 3,000,000 each year to be able to maintain the responsibility to our clients and their consumers as well.


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