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Why Localize your
Educational Content?

Nowadays working and learning online has become a new normal. Virtual training and e-Learning platforms help deliver educational content, track student progress and personalize learning experiences around the globe. If you are expanding (or plan to expand) your business, your globalized force might prefer receiving guides in their native language. Localization of guidelines and training materials will keep your employees engaged and give them a sense of inclusion. Palex team provides high-quality e-Learning localization services. From written training materials to audio and video recordings, we will tailor your content to fit the cultural tone of the target language.

what we do

Our e-Learning Localization Services

End-to-End Localization

To give global learners a full immersion into the course it is important to localize it as a whole project. This includes the user interface of the e-Learning platform, e-Learning modules, performance tools such as eBooks, interactive PDFs, and mobile applications. Palex team takes all vital elements of source content into consideration and ensures the best customer experience.

Multimedia and Image Localization

Visual and audio content makes online learning more engaging and entertaining. Our team tackles complex multimedia localization tasks including voiceover, dubbing, animation, video subtitling, and more.

Linguistic Assets and Glossaries

Palex team provides style guides, glossaries, and translation memories to help you keep the course consistent even after the end of our service.

Integration and Synchronization

We treat course structure with great care, implementing localized components into the course to function seamlessly. Our attention to detail provides end-users with the experience accessible to source language speakers.

Adaptation and Formatiing

The most important goal of localization is ensuring that the digital content fits the cultural tone and local laws. Our team of experts makes sure that the content is culturally appropriate for the target audience as well as uses proper slang, idioms, and measures.

In-context Review and QA

We value the trust of our customers and strive to deliver high-quality results. Working with professional translators, in-country reviewers, and subject matter experts we ensure the linguistic accuracy, consistency, and proper cultural tone of your e-Learning course.


Localization for All Types e-Learning Courses
Palex team will aid you in localization of:
  • Multimedia
  • Client requirements analysis
  • Client requirements analysis
  • Websites
  • Reference Materials
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software
  • Online Trainings
  • Firmware
  • Rapid e-Learning Courses
  • Health&Safety Compliance Courses
  • Mobile Learning Courses
  • Game-based Courses
  • Technical Courses
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Human Quality

Human translation bridges the gap between inadequate translations and a new level of understanding for the reader. With modern machine translation, human translators will still have to correct about 10% to 20% of machine-translated content to ensure accuracy.


We offer high-quality certified translation services for a reasonable price. Our team of professionals understands the context and complexity of language, while our translation tools save time by eliminating mundane localization processes.

Fast Turnaround

Our professional translators familiar with your sector can translate faster, without needing to check for terms and phrases all the time, ensuring high-quality translation services ready for publication purposes.

Liability Insurance

We insure our professional activity up to $ 3,000,000 each year to be able to maintain the responsibility to our clients and their consumers as well.


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Group Lead

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Senior Localization Engineer

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Project Management Leader