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Palexgroup - Softarex Technologies Inc: website localization in 12

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19 March 2019

Softarex Technologies Inc: website localization in 12

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US-based software developer Softarex Technologies Inc has chosen PALEX as a localization provider for its new German website. It helped Softarex to speed up company’s expansion and open a new office in Berlin

Task Industries Source language Target language
Website localization IT, Healthcare English German
Target time frame Time spent Word count HR and tools
15 days 12 days 18,300 3 PALEX managers, native German linguists, Verifika

Localization is absolutely necessary to boost a company’s success while entering new markets. It makes a product or service sound authentic to the company’s target customers. Localized websites attract more traffic and increase sales significantly. So you should entrust localization only to the professionals who are competent in your industry and marketing, and who know how to handle both textual and visual content. Website is usually the most important sales tool, that is why it is so important to transfer information from one linguistic environment to another correctly.

Translation and transcreation of complicated subject areas require qualified translators and managers.

There are some points that we consider most important for every localization project:

  • deadlines (time is money)
  • quality (no room for mistake)
  • service (we are famous for it)


Softarex Project

PALEX has adopted Agile methodology that ensures seamless project management. By delivering the translated website pages directly to Softarex team, we completed the project 20% earlier (three days before the deadline).


Softarex provides services for the healthcare industry, and it impacts their website where texts are packed with life science terminology. To ensure the best quality, for this project we hired native German speakers experienced in translating healthcare related topics, as well as IT and marketing specialists. To check the consistency of the text, we used our proprietary solution – Verifika.


Three PALEX managers were involved in the localization of the website. They were responsible for the communication with the Softarex team and our vendors, and coordination of the team efforts.


We have truly enjoyed working with Softarex’s team and we are looking forward to any future mutual projects.

Stay Tuned

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