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Document Translation
Entering a new market means a whole range of documents needs to be translated and localized starting from manuals, guides, tutorials, and further through to marketing materials depending on the needs of a business.
Documentation is a means of communication with end users, partners, and other stakeholders. It is purely a tool for building a reputation which we treat as  if it were our own. In the process of localization we pay special attention to highly visible content and precision and accuracy in the documentation.
When talking about documentation localization, we are reffering not only to words to be translated but also to layouts, graphs, screen captures, and images.
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Project Management
The Palex project management team is one of the strongest in the industry according to feedback from our clients and partners. They start the project and track and support it all the way. First we evaluate an order and develop a specific workflow approved by the client. We create a summary of the client's requirements that are organized in a checklist used throughout entire project at every step. Our managers are true experts in communication, possessing excellent listening skills and asking the right questions. All our managers dealing with medical projects are GCP-certified, which is a perfect representation of our company culture when it comes to clients.
Response Time Respected
Moreover, at Palex we realize how crucial it is to be in touch with clients whenever it is needed. That's why the response time is as short as possible, and this is especially emphasised by our clients in our annual surveys.
Keep in Touch
Our managers communicate 24/7. We strive to maintain long-term relationships, which is also beneficial for our clients as it allows a decrease in the project turnaround time and the overall budget.
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Technical Analysis
After project managers have checked the document and negotiated all the possible issues, the document then goes to the engineering department for analysis. Sometimes the need for page layout (DTP) is not obvious. Therefore our engineers examine a document in order to constitute the most effective framework. Our DTP professionals and engineers boast the knowledge of any existing software in addition to the most popular:Frame Maker, InDesign, and Illustrator. We can manage the process even if you do not have the source format document. Eighteen years of experience have proved that there are no tools that we have not mastered yet.
Translation and Editing
At this stage we set up a team of translators and editors which will be the most efficient in terms of anticipated results and budget. Our vendor pool is wide enough to provide any language for a reasonable price. Moreover, we have in-house SMEs and professional linguistic editors who work in thoroughly elaborated project workflows using state-of-the-art technology. When the translation is ready it is delivered to the QA department.
Although CATs are widely used in the industry, being pro experts in all the existing CAT instruments constitutes a huge advantage. We are fully aware of the capabilities of each tool on the market, so we select the most effective one according to project requirements.
Understanding our clients' priorities we strive to save the project budget by effectively using all possible legacy materials previously created and used in any format. Our localization engineers will align all of these into a single project database providing perfect consistency in style and terminology not to mention the savings in costs.
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Translation Management Tools
It is crucial to manage all the versions of the translation in order to track all the updates. At Palex we introduced and mastered the SVN system to keep the document updates in perfect order, which prevents confusion of versions and eliminates the chance of a mistake. In accordance with an NDA agreement we keep all the source document versions and linguistic assets updated after in-country review or other confirmed modifications which may be necessary for future translation. These aspects are highly beneficial for long-term projects in which we do not translate the document from scratch but only its updated parts. Not only does it save budget costs and time, it also provides perfect consistency.
Quality Check
What distinguishes the Palex approach is that the QA stage is performed three times in the process. The first time during the technical analysis phase in order to detect and correct mistakes in the source text. The second time involves linguistic and formal checks after the translation phase. Our QA team is truly blessed with an indispensable technological assistant created by Palex software engineers – Verifika. With Verifika there's no subtle chance of a mistake slipping into the text, especially when the appropriate glossaries are involved. And the third is performed by the quality assurance team when the document is fully assembled.
Image Localization and Screen Captures
In the process of localization, artwork is not uncommon. Our DTP experts and designers recreate any artwork using necessary skills and knowledge of both layout and marketing rules. Moreover, when dealing with software documentation, screens are essential. Therefore, after the translation and QA stages the document returns to the technical department for creating the screens and for the final visual check.
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Source Files Error Detection
Technical Analysis
Our experience proves that there are no source documents without layout mistakes. Therefore, at the analysis step our engineers check the source document thoroughly with regard to such mistakes as:  

  • incorrect rendering of fonts,
  • extra spacing,
  • double wording,
  • incorrect hyphenation,
  • index design (for example in Japanese language),
  • articles positions in different languages,
  • lists design, and many more.

Such analysis allows to detect these errors in the source text at the preparation stage preventing from replicating them in localized documents. It is worth mentioning that fixing these errors in the translated and designed document multiplies the cost. 
Engineering benefits
Technical Analysis
An engineering DNA is automation and optimization, which saves time and budget. Eighteen years ago we started to build an in-house engineering team to make the process faster and cheaper whenever it is possible. Therefore, more than one hundred scripts are written for different software in order to automate everything that can be automated. 
Although automation provides substantial benefits it is not a key pillar in the document localization process. An end point of each project is a human and that’s what represents the real value - an eye of the DTP expert. We are 100% certain in the expertise of our people which is proven by more that 10 years and multiple successful projects. 
Marketing issues
Technical Analysis
Each marketing material is aimed at distinguishing the product from that of competitors. Although what is best for marketing and promotion can become a stumbling block in the process of localization. These materials are usually created by designers without prospects for localization using fonts that are non-existent or poorly developed for certain languages. Very often layouts and fonts are manually edited to create a perfect picture which leads to quite unpredictable results in the process of localization. Palex DTP experts are able to tackle any layout issue even if it means creating a new font, which was a real case of recreating a document provided in the format inconsistent with Arabic.