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Transferring the Files:
500+ Custom Medical
Equipment Labels

This case study is about collaboration between a leading medical technology company and Palex Group on the task of transferring different sized medical equipment labels from common software (MS Word, Adobe Acrobat) to special software.


Our long-term client, an international digital medical
technology company, uses thermal printing for
custom labels for their medical equipment.
Thermal printers are most commonly used to create
labels, safety signs, wayfinding markers, barcodes,
shipping labels, and other heavily used items.


5+ thermal printers Hundreds of labels The supposed update
process overrelies on
human effort and takes
too much time!
Multiple size types Manual label adjustment
prior to each printing


Transformation of digital process with NiceLabel software Enables to pull the label size directly from thermal
printers. You are provided with label templates that
are already linked to the respective printer and
represent a standard design that should be kept
(e.g. headline, alignment of symbols)
Sounds tempting! But before you can enjoy
all the benefits NiceLabel provides, you
need to eat a huge frog! This is where Palex
gets into action.
Since we do not have the capacity to
renew about 600 labels, I’d like to
ask you for your support.

The challenge

Unfamiliar software for thermal printing
More than 600 unique labels to transfer
No room for automation of labels transfer

The solution

Palex team analyzed details of the task and consulted the client on process and nuances.
Input data
  • Labels: .doсx, .pdf, .gif, .wmf paper sizes (50 × 30, 70 × 50, 74×67, 90×50)
  • Client’s .nlbl-templates
  • Client’s guidance for internal use
Midterm analysis
  • Several online meetings with client in order to clarify the details and expectations
  • A lot of technical questions were raised and resolved
Output data
  • Process established: engineering works, QA, milestones
  • Tasks and files templates were created for each paper size with commonly used elements
  • Client’s NiceLabel templates were improved and used to streamline the process
  • Project team selected
  • Project status monitoring tool defined
  • Query management tool adjusted
  • Costs estimated and budget approved
Palex thoroughly handled the transferring together with ongoing process optimization.
Test batch 30 files for evaluation and feedback delivered prior to general batch
Engineering works 100+ hours of Digital Transformation magic
Milestone calls Client preffered to have 4 milestone calls to discuss the status of the project and resolve ongoing questions. Communication went smoothly and each call ended up with meeting minutes summarizing the аgreements.
  • Project delivery and working on the feedback
  • Project finalization and project references update to keep all the information in order
  • Project post-mortem to аnalyze what went right or wrong and to develop preventive actions for future projects

The results

Professional approach and mutual trust helped us to achieve such an impressive result. More than 10 years of collaboration with the client have borne fruit. We went through fire and water together with numerous challenges and we do know what teamwork is.

Below is a description of some secret ingredients that helped us to achieve success.


  • Client did great job before passing on the task. They chose and tested the software, created templates and guidance for internal use. All this prescious information was openly shared.
  • Palex team deeply analyzed the details, shared thoughts on the matter and consulted with the client on the process and nuances.


  • Multiple calls allowed to improve the process in Agile mode. Palex is happy to support this initiative especially in the current work-from-home reality.
  • Meticulous query management helped to avoid repeated questions and to record all the information.


  • Test batch helped to highlight and eliminate issues at early stage to avoid them in general batch. It saved the budget and speeded up the process.
  • Team scaling: 4 engineers and 2 QA specialists worked on the files in parallel.
  • Real-time updates of the status table for project monitoring ensured smooth and fast processing of the files on every stage.
40% less costs comparing to initial estimation
30 days faster than expected
> 100 hours of engineering works
> 600 labels transferred
We did not expect it to be ready in October, probably in November or December.

Expert says

Digital transformation is an essential part of modern business. To stay afloat companies are searching for the ways allowing to optimize their processes, business models, domains, cultural aspects. Palex provides expert support for digital transformation on client’s side. We seamlessly integrate into the process, go deep into client KPIs and motives to accept the challenge and do it in the most efficient way. We can handle separate tasks as well as develop complex solutions. All in all, we are always aiming to bring value to cooperation with our clients.

Anna Zhuk

Chief Marketing Officer


Multimedia Localization We know everything about recent Multimedia trends and technologies.

We support our clients on their way to digital transformation and help to localize all types of materials starting from simple PowerPoint presentations to complex e-Learning courses with video, interactive tasks, subtitles, voice-over and questionnaires.
Subject Expertise Palex has expertise and dedicated Multilanguage team for about 50 markets and is ready to support you with international expansion.

Reliable Partner

Crystal-clear reputation
Experienced player on the market (since 2002)
Deep understanding of localization solutions
Localization Engineering and QA departments
$3M-liability insurance
Talented team committed to support client’s mission
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