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Palexgroup - Case Studies - Diving into Digital Transformation

Global Trends of the
2020s: Diving into
Digital Transformation

This case study features a selection of practical cases on digital transformation based on Palex' experience.


Starting 2020s we at Palex as well as other leading
localization companies have been facing a new type of challenge.
Besides common translation and localization
services, we have seen a growing demand for
[1] support:
Digitization Simply speaking, digitization is making paper texts virtual by adding them into computer.
Digitalization Digitalization means no longer record any information using paper. Only computer [only hardcore].
Digital transformation Digital transformation unifies paperless work and organizational, cultural and operational changes of business processes, functions, approaches and digital technology adaptation according to the business needs.
These core business updates require time and money. The expected total amount
of spending and investments into digital transformation during 2020-2023 globally
is compared to GDP of some developed country.
Having a cachet of a tech-savvy provider, Palex has accumulated a number of cases on the topic. Here we are sharing some of them. If your company is looking for a solution, please feel free to use our ideas or contact the expert who will help you achieve your goal.
Digitization Migration of medical Paper Scales to virtual files for the company supporting Clinical Trials.
Palex role LINGUISTIC support of digital transformation.

The Challenge

The client needs to forget about paper medical documents and to migrate legacy clinical Paper Scales* into corresponding electronic format (eScales).

*Paper version of the medical questionnaire

The Solution

Legacy Paper Scales content (in the corresponding language) copied from the existing references – scanned papers/Word files/Translation Memory – and pasted into electronic eScale templates.
Electronic version of the Scale compiled in HTML format accompanied with formal/consistency checks.
Making sure all comments and instructions of the client are adhered to.
Approval of all the Quality Control reports and filling in Query log for the client.

The Result

Digitization is completed:

• eScale fully reflects the Paper Scale with the requested quality and under required TAT.
• Paper Scale is no longer needed.
Digitization can require Engineering support. You can find another example of digitization including engineering steps here.
Digitalization Making in-country review paperless and semi-automated.
Palex role ENGINEERING and MANAGEMENT support of digital transformation.

The Challenge

Leading medical technology company has stable localization process for multilingual translations established together with Palex.

The important step of the process is In-Country review (ICR) of Palex translations on client’s side.
ICR is performed by medical practitioners worldwide which are subject matter experts (SME) rather than linguists. SME does not have time to learn any localization software so review was usually performed in paper format or in MS Word/Adobe Acrobat (with the help of comment tool).
ICR used to take too much time so as all the future iterations of discussing the corrections, implementation into translation and checking the consistency.
ICR result in paper format

The Solution

Palex engineers created special script and macros

Script 1

helps to convert bilingual file into Excel. We created a nice template for effective work and how-to guide for SME and linguists.

MS Excel Macros

highlights SME corrections and hides untouched strings. MS Excel Macros is adopted for hieroglyphs and highlights corrections by symbol instead of the whole word.

Script 2

checks how SME corrections are implemented into bilingual files. It compares only the corrections that were approved by both the client and Palex.
Digitalized ICR result

The Result

Digitalization is completed:

✓ Team members are happy with the solution. Process is transparent and 70% faster since it runs semi-automatically. SME uses simple software and linguist doesn’t need to transcribe and check handwritten edits.

✓ Paper is saved as there is no need to print the manuals to make the comments.

✓ Translation quality is improved because of the automatic implementation check. No edit is left unattended!
Digital transformation Complex data migration into the cloud-based solution.
Palex role EXPERT CONSULTING and ENGINEERING support of digital transformation.

The Challenge

As a part of internal digital transformation program, the
client decided to migrate about 150 checklists from
desktop MS Word to the cloud software.
more than 600 pages
Function Checklist

Repair Function Checklist
Periodic Maintenance Inspections
The midterm step is to transform MS Word templates into MS InfoPath forms.

The Solution

Palex was involved as an
expert and contributor.
• We thoroughly analyzed and clarified the requirements and suggested a range of improvements to the proposed process.
• Client had plenty of instructions to the layout and documents so we streamlined them into handy checklists.
• During migration we have dug into the logic and interlinking of the numerous documents and transferred it to the target format.
• Palex team timely shared the status updates with the client and run Query Management.
• Upon completion of the migration, Palex QA department performed visual and functional check of the final documents to make sure they match the source files and client’s requirements.

The Result

Digital transformation step is completed:

Checklists are migrated from desktop into cloud software under the expected timeframes and quality.
✓ Client adopted modern cloud solution to his business needs and increased operational excellence.
See another example of digital transformation here.

Digital transformation at Palex

To help our clients, we should be pandits ourselves in performing internal digital transformation. Our core “go digital” transition has been completed and continues as an everlasting business philosophy. What have we done so far?
Digitization We digitized all the documents as much as possible and adopted paperless approach.
Digital transformation We incorporate modern digital technologies into all business spheres.

A powerful tool for data collection and analysis helps us to gather, present and analyze operational and financial data in real time from our proprietary Palex Translation
Management System (TMS). It makes business decisions effective and timely.
Digitalization All the new operational and organizational data is recorded using computer technologies only.

Further reading

[1] A great system is given in the CSA-Research article
“The LSP Journey to Digital Transformation” which shortly describes 3Ds: digitization,
digitalization and digital transformation.

Expert says

Business environment is facing many technological changes, and at some point, it becomes impossible to stand by and wait to see what happens next. Companies need to run fast just to hold their ground and be competitive.

Transition to new technologies and processes often involves a significant effort to migrate or adapt legacy content to the new environment.

We understand how important it is to carry out the change in an optimal way to make it less stressful and carefully preserve the valuable experience of the past and adapt it for future use.

We at Palex have accumulated a broad experience in such technical solutions, and our team has boosted their skills over the years. Palex provides expert support for digital transformation on client’s side. We seamlessly integrate into the process, get into KPIs and motives to accept the challenge and do it in the most efficient way. We can handle either separate tasks or develop and perform complex solutions bringing more added value to our cooperation.

Anna Zhuk

Chief Marketing Officer


Digital Transformation Support We know everything about recent Digital Transformation trends and technologies.

We support our clients on their way to conquer the world.

We help to localize all types of materials starting from simple Microsoft Office files to non-editable PDF-files and complex e-Learning courses with video, interactive tasks, subtitles, voice-over and questionnaires.
Subject Expertise Palex has expertise and dedicated Multilanguage team for about 50 markets and ready to support you with international expansion.

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Experienced player on the market (since 2002)
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