Quaterly SlashData's Report on IT Industry Trends Translated to 8 Languages by Palex Group

Developers’ community is known for sharing useful information and for cooperation. Open source, and multiple IT blogs, conferences, and YouTube courses all that contribute to the overall performance and growth of the IT industry. Sharing and genuine interest in each others’ progress are the cornerstone concepts of the developers’ culture. We know it firsthand since Palex is also a tech company developing proprietary linguistic products with the world-known tool Verifika being a flagship. Therefore, we’re proud to share the 19th quarterly report on the State of the Developers Nation by our valued partner SlashData, which Palex Group helped translate into 8 languages. We have been collaborating with SlashData for two years already for translation and DTP services.

The 19th Developer Economics global survey wave ran from June to August 2020 and reached more than 17,000 developers in 159 countries. This research report delves into key developer trends for Q3 2020 and beyond: Developers’ extra needs due to COVID-19, Language communities, Why do developers adopt or reject cloud technologies? Who is into DevOps? What do developers value in open source? Emerging technologies. Feel free to download the report and check our experience in software localization.