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Pharma translation
Pharmaceutical translation backed up by clinical trials translation is one of the most challenging kinds of work even for experts. Technical writing at the level of drug development requires expertise in medicine. And even more expertise in translating it.
At Palex we realize that along with the top expertise in the field there is the equally vital necessity of meeting very tough deadlines imposed by the market. Many pharmaceutical companies are working on the same health issues, and the ones whose processes are better organized and do not suffer missed deadlines take first prize.
In addition to exceptional expertise and tough deadlines, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most strictly regulated.Therefore choosing the right partner not only will accelerate results but will also decrease costs and simplify communication, allowing you to focus on other areas of the production and launching cycle.
Why Palex is the best pharmaceutical partner
Top expertise provided
For the past 13 years our focus has been medical translation and localization. During this period we have accumulated an immense amount of experience working on all types of medical and pharmaceutical projects. It has allowed us to build a solid system of operational units: vendor management team, linguistic team, SME team, quality check team, DTP and localization engineering team, and project management team, whose goal is to provide the best service to the client, contributing to their business and to society.
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Terminology management
The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most challenging when it comes to terminology management. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of terms used in PILs, SPCs, and study protocols, as sometimes the same concept requires the use of different terms in different sources. And this is exactly where our experience in compiling glossaries and the excellent expertise of our clinical linguists are crucial. We generate glossaries for each project based on existing material or mine the appropriate resources to make a suitable industry glossary from scratch. Glossaries that are carefully created and kept for each project bring consistency to all the translated materials.
In-house pharmaceutical subject-matter experts
Pharmaceutical projects are performed and supervised by our SMEs matching the medical field of the project. We realize the importance of expertise when dealing with challenging pharma translation, which is why we only work with distinguished practicing M.Ds, Ph.Ds, and Associate Professors.
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Tough deadlines met
One distinguishing feature of working with professionals is the quality of communication. Eighteen years in the medical field have taught us to appreciate our clients' time and to understand the importance of prompt replies. That's why our managers are there for you 24/7. Those are our priorities, along with speaking the same language. To facilitate and accelerate the communication process, each member of our medical translation team is GDP certified, which streamlines the process and eventually becomes a strategic advantage, as our clients put it. We realize our role in delivering translation on time since whoever gets there first has the best chance of winning!
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DTP and engineering services provided
Palex is a mature full-cycle company striving to cover any demand from our clients. A long time ago we understood how efficient it is to have a partner capable of solving any required task at one place. It reduces costs, streamlines the process, saves time, and reduces the possibility of error. Our managers handle the entire process, involving our highly skilled DTP engineers when needed.
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Strict Quality Checks Applied
Quality is a crucial aspect in pharmaceutical translation. Here at Palex we build all the processes around the notion of quality, starting from adherence to both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015 standards and going further with the development of our own quality check tool, Verifika. Our experienced team of checkers plays an essential role in handling pharmaceutical projects, employing modern technology to leave no room for error. Another level of adherence to quality principles that we practice on demand is back translation, which is a recommended step by the ISPOR organization.
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In the last ten years we have worked on a wide range of pharmaceutical documents, including
Pharmaceutical patient information leaflets (PIL)
Pharmaceutical summaries of product characteristics (SPC)
Pharmaceutical and medical patents
Pharmaceutical research documents
Pre-clinical reports
Clinical trial agreements & support services
Study protocols
Packaging and labelling
Drug package inserts [IK1]
Marketing authorisation applications
Regulatory documents [IK2]
Informed consent forms [IK3]
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