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Medical Devices Localization

Medical technology is becoming more and more exciting each day. Today's level of diagnostics, breakthrough therapies, and precision medicine is inspiring and life-changing. However, in order to connect with patients worldwide, medical manufacturers need a solid and professional language partner.
We directly contribute to the success of a product on the market and with its users. Translation and localization of medical devices is an integral part of helping patients worldwide and being ahead of the competition in the industry.
However, the more advanced medical industry becomes, the more challenges it brings. Quality of translation is key to successful implementation and further use of medical devices globally.
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Terminology Management

To deliver excellent consistency of the texts and therefore contribute to overall quality it is vital to pay attention to terminology. We generate glossaries for each project based on existing material or mine the appropriate resources to make a suitable industry glossary from scratch.

In-house Team of Medical Linguists

Apart from an experienced vendor management team capable of finding any rare experts in languages and medicine, it is crucial to have a core team possessing necessary experience in both fields and understanding clients' needs. All our managers handling medical device projects work under ISO 13485 requirements, which inevitably contributes to the overall quality of translation.
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Quality Control

Here we manage the process of quality assessment not only linguistically but most importantly from the standpoint of this specialist medical field. Our QA team is truly blessed with an indispensable technological assistant created by Palex software engineers – Verifika. With Verifika there's no subtle chance of a mistake slipping into the text, especially when the appropriate glossaries are involved.
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DTP and Engineering Services

Today's processes of localizing a product involve many other vital areas. Not only do medical devices have manuals, they also have interfaces, sometimes applications. Oftentimes they include such marketing or usability materials as presentations, web pages, brochures, and other types of printed products. We provide full-cycle localization services equipped with the in-house engineering resources needed for DTP, web, subtitling, or dubbing services. Moreover, our engineering department is eager to explore new instruments and approaches day by day.
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Conformant with Global and Local Government Regulation

Medical devices manufacturing is challenging from the technological perspective; but as if that weren't enough, each country sets their own regulations in terms of the use of foreign medical equipment. The new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) requires all medical device companies to translate their products into all languages of the European Member states. All languages and types of documents must be ready at the same time, which makes the release of the product very stressful for manufacturer. And this is where Palex comes in as a reliable and experienced partner, taking full responsibility for translation and the localization process as well as DTP and engineering works if needed.
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