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Linguistic Validation
With the growing demand for globalization, the medical research industry has to adapt quickly. Moreover, the complex and increasingly regulated processes of instruments development don't make it any easier. One small cultural misinterpretation is capable of ruining the whole research workflow. That is when a reliable and experienced partner is more than just an investment. It is a strategic advantage. Palex has the expertise to ensure that your instruments convey their intended meaning across cultures and languages.
Linguistic validation is a key element of clinical outcome assessments (COAs). These are written questionnaires intended to assess a person's ability to perform a task or act in accordance with a certain scenario. Such instruments are used globally with patients, clinicians, observers, and agents of completely different nationalities and cultures. Inappropriate translation may cause misunderstanding and therefore compromise the whole research process.
LV is a particularly complex translation process that makes the instruments conceptually but also culturally equivalent in order to perform their intended purpose of benefiting the research. However, this process often reveals difficulties with the source instrument when adapting the format, instructions, concepts, idiomatic expressions, response scales, or demographic items for use in different languages. And that's when the expert assistance becomes critical.
Minority Languages Delivered
Palex team has proved its expertise through our elaborate and flawless processes dealing with Clinical Trials projects. First of all, our vendor management team has a vast portfolio of competent clinical translators and priceless experience and knowledge in widening the pool of experts requested in the project. Understanding the trend of clinical research to go global we are able to deliver even the rarest languages. Do you have an experienced Karakalpak linguistic team for Linguistic Validation and cognitive debriefing, for instance? We do.
In-house SME
Our in-house subject matter experts are practicing clinicians who contribute vastly to clinical research translation projects. Our team boasts such experts as M.D, Ph.D and Associate Professors in the areas of neurology and neurosurgery.
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ISPOR and ISOQOL Recommendations Maintained
The Palex clinical trials team is a solid partner in any research project in need of translation services because of its clear understanding of industry recommendations. Specifically each member of the team is certified with GDP, which simplifies and accelerates communication with the client. But not only do we speak the same language as our clients, we also make your instrument comprehensible to the diverse populations of lay people as they are mostly the target audience of the research.
forward translation
Linguistic validation has one of the most complex workflows
back translation
consistent clinical data
linguistically validated translation
Cognitive Debriefing
Best practices in the industry also include cognitive debriefing in the process of linguistic validation. It implies that each question in the translated instrument is discussed with the target audience in order to avoid misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Our clinical trial team selects a focus group relevant to the study as well as the clinician or a social worker to carry out an interview to make sure that the translation is clear, unambiguous, and culturally accurate.

No matter how complex or large the study, our goal is to do whatever it takes to contribute to your success.
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