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Product 1
Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving
Product 2
Information architecture is the art and science of structuring and organizing information
Product 3
It is a form of solution-based thinking with the intent of producing a constructive future result
Localization for Biomed
We treat our work as a mission of making the world a healthier place. It's not just translation that benefits Life Science companies. We are genuine partners of pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs), manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, biotech companies and healthcare managers. We treat each project as something that benefits the humanity. We don't just translate or localize products for companies, we make it accessible and understandable for people who it is aimed at.
Documentation Localization
Documentation is a way of communication with end users, partners, and other stakeholders. It is a pure reputational instrument which we treat as our own. In the process of localization we pay special attention to highly visible content and precision information in the documentation.
Software Localization
Palex Group has a dedicated software localization team working on software projects for two decades already. An experienced team of Palex localization engineers speaking the same software developers language is capable of solving any localization issue or making it easier for a team of developers.
Website Localization
Localizing a website is not just translating words from one language into another adapting the concepts for a specific culture. One peculiarity is the length of text which is strictly limited by the length of strings. Another is a number of elements other than strings of text.
Educational and training processes take a huge part in global companies' corporate culture, not to mention purely educational platforms aimed at skills development. Learning is a complex cognitive process that works best when practiced in the native language of the audience.
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