Translation and Localization

You have a product, you have a market—don't let language barriers
get in the way of bringing the two together.
Order translation and localization services from the globally trusted provider.
Since our founding in 2002, Palex has been focusing on growing a team of highly professional and experienced individuals, able to deliver first-rate services to our clients. These efforts translate into our ability to handle large multilingual projects. We have a strong position in the localization market as one of the few companies that doesn't only provide quality translation, DTP and engineering services in any language, but also uses the most current smart systems to do so. With our strong management team and great potential we are proud to constantly grow our portfolio of complex localization projects.

Our innovative approach to localization, as well as attentive customer service ensure accurate and timely completion of projects of any scope. We are sensitive to the industry trends, which keeps us and our clients ahead of the curve in a fast-pace evolving environment.

*According to CSA research, 2016

Palex is one of the largest Language Service Providers (LSP) in Eastern Europe*

Who we are

When you create a product, you invest a wealth of resources in the process, including time, effort, and money. Localization helps you achieve a faster and larger return on that investment. In a CSA study, 75% of respondents said they were highly likely to use a product or service if it came with well-localized materials.

To save you time and resources, we use software solutions and quality control systems specially developed by our company.
We know how to make your product resonate with users from all over the world.

What we offer

Our advantages
We developed and implemented the QC/QA system that counts up to 6 levels of verification
We deliver 99% of all projects in time or ahead of schedule
We are famous for our exceptional, client-focused friendly service


Leave localization to pros. Many aspects must be considered during localization process. This includes the date and time formats used in the target region, the local currency, whether customers use a left-to-right or right-to-left writing system, the propriety of using certain kinds of images and symbols in a given market, etc. A failure to consider any of these factors can cause serious problems in user interface and make your product impossible to use.
With our team of highly experienced linguists, subject matter experts and terminologists we are capable of handling any type of materials regardless their volume or complexity.
We will ensure that your original design concept is successfully carried over into the translation, so that your product is in line with perceptions of your target audience.
We quickly and accurately translate website multimedia content and adapt it visually to maintain intended performance.
Product localization is one of the most important phases within the game development lifecycle, and is vital for the project to gain global popularity. This is why we provide you with a team of specialists, from linguists and engineers to marketing experts, experienced in the field of interactive entertainment software.
PC Games Localization
Website Localization
Software Localization
Software Translations
DTP + artwork (in-house)
Publishing services
Back translation and independent proofreading
Transcription of audio into written text
Multilingual digital campaigns
Translation of audio and video materials
Engineering and support
Linguistic testing
We are also ready to bring in engineers and/or managers to support the localization of your product if you decide to localize them yourself.


Since 2002, Palex has been providing high-quality technical translation and localization services to a host of companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500. We are especially proud of the fact that a majority of our clients become repeat customers after the completion of their first project.

Every year we translate about 10 million words within the framework of IT-related projects. This makes 27 thousand words per day.

The Palex team knows exactly what it takes to deliver a comprehensive IT localization package from our own experience with Verifika — an innovative translation quality-assurance software developed completely in-house.

With our tried and tested methodology, cutting-edge technological developments and innovative solutions, your product's launch into the global market can benefit from the same support that industry leaders have come to rely on from Palex.

IT Expertise

Certificates DE-31101033 QM15 DE-31101033 QM15
ISO 17100:2015 DE-31101033 TPS

Confidentiality and Guarantees

We use an array of modern technologies, including encryption tools, to ensure the confidentiality of all our clients. All employees and contractors are required to sign an NDA. To ensure data security, our employees only have the minimal access necessary for their work. We safely handle files using our custom and secure Palex File Exchange software.
Integrated AI-based quality management system
All translations come with a 6-month guarantee
Our professional indemnity insurance liability limit is $3,000,000

How we work

Receiving your request
We confirm all incoming requests within 1 hour
Project analysis and quotation
After processing information on your project we send you our business proposal
Right after we get your confirmation to proceed we will prepare localization kit for translator
At least two linguists—translator and editor—work on the same project, after whom an automated QA check is performed
After the files are translated we prepare them for an easy integration on your end, or add them to your product ourselves
Feedback implementation and delivery
A project is not completed until you are 100% satisfied
We would be happy to help you with further updates for your product

How we handle it

Qualified team and cutting-edge technology

Linguistic tutor and terminologist
Person responsible for selection of the appropriate resources sorting and providing all the reference materials to linguists.
In-house experts
Palex formed its own team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) — Linguistic experts and proofreaders.
Outsourced linguists
Natives experienced with the text types they translate. Average term they've been handling Palex requests on a regular basis is 6-7 years.
Project managers
Assisting managers provide clients with the most time and cost efficient solution, optimize processes and cover all potential risks.
CAT tools
Almost all of the CAT tools could be used, including SDL Trados Studio, SDLX, SDL Passolo, memoQ, etc.

Case studies

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