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PALEX - Software and App Localization

Palex and Brother prove that
"At your side" is more than just a motto

Software and App Localization

Close partnership develops a consolidated vision on how to work smarter

From a small glossary translation project to complex multilanguage and engineering solutions: six years of collaboration between Palex and Brother have proven Palex to be a trusted partner and a major supplier of translation services.

To support the ongoing work from Brother, in 2012 Palex established their own Brother account team, joining experienced project managers, quality control and desktop publishing (DTP) specialists. Not only do they handle a huge number of projects, they work to increase effectiveness and efficiency transforming a routine job into an ongoing collaborative partnership between contractor and client.

About a company

The Brother Group is a multinational company with offices throughout the world, manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, the USA, Malaysia and the UK as well as sales offices in over 40 different countries Brother products are now sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

«Brother's motto is "at your side" — this is reflected in all segments of the business and means putting the customer first. The scope of Brother business, apart from their well-established products such as multifunction centres, printers, sewing and labeling machines, now includes scanners, web-conferencing software and hardware and solutions for corporate customers.


Challenges in developing a smarter business

Palex started working on Brother projects back in 2008 as a young but already experienced player in the consumer electronics and software translation markets. By that time Brother's experience of other translation companies helped them form a well-thought-out set of requirements concerning the quality of the final product. The partnership with such a large customer was an exciting new challenge for Palex. The volume of work has increased and Palex are now providing support to their client in new areas from glossary creation, translation and DTP of user manuals, to software translations and post processing of resource data and images.

Such a downward trend began in 2014 when Brother first introduced a new approach in the content management of their manuals. This new approach was connected to the content management system (CMS). Palex has been supporting Brother on their technological way to optimize the translation and content creation process.

We adjusted the whole process for the new tasks:

- Learned how to work with the new file formats suitable for CMS export and import
- Created tools for automatic check of translated CMS files
- Developed a new workflow that allowed us to work with only updated parts of the guides, so we do not have to double-check already approved pieces of content.

Partnership Challenges

In response to the challenges of the partnership,
our Brother account team have had to:
Test and select qualified linguists in more than 30 languages, find translators and editors for new languages
Engage independent subject matter experts to consult with on complex issues
Collaborate with Brother to deliver terminology and language standards, taking into account any country-specific requirements
Develop advanced customized proofing and approvals processes React to non-typical projects with precise budgets and timings

The Brother account team

The Brother account team is also supported by engineering staff in cases when technical tasks arise. The whole team displays remarkable enthusiasm and commitment in their daily work.

They find a pleasure in tackling challenging tasks and carrying out end-to-end projects using advanced methods and effective tools.

Juliet Emmerson

Communications Coordinator Brother International Europe
"Palex are an efficient and reliable translation agency. I regularly use them for Brother article and website translations for our European websites. They are quick to turn around work at short notice and communicate well. Considering how far ahead they work from GMT time, they always respond the same day."

Miyuki Komuro

Brother Industries, Ltd.
"We would like to thank all the Palex team members for studying our contents and generating ideas for the best quality. We are quite impressed with your motivation and ability."

Ingredient for success

The main ingredient of the team's success is a client-oriented approach: the project managers use their broad experience and unique know-how to realize brother's "at your side" philosophy.

Over time, Palex has become one of the key translation vendors used by Brother. Brother's long-term support of Palex as a supplier of translation has helped Palex to develop and grow as a company as well as refine workflow processes to achieve swift and successful responses to projects. Ultimately, the relationship that has been formed, has made Palex ready to face new challenges to bring our client to global success.


CEO Palex
"We are continuously improving in order to use our experience and knowledge for the benefit of the Brother product end user. The result of our collaboration with Brother gives us every reason to be proud of the quality work carried out."

Catherine Kaye

PR Officer Brother International Europe
"Palex are a great translation agency to work with, they have an extremely high level of customer service: The team are quick to respond to any request and keen to ensure that the work is to the highest standard possible, dealing easily with any request we might make of them, simple or complex. I am always pleasantly surprised by both their attitude and their amazing attention to detail."


Brother Account Team Lead Palex
"Brother is a fantastic partner with whom you can not only work on current issues but also discuss bold ideas on developing and optimizing processes, share news and swap experiences. Our team managers know that they can always count on professional support and good advice from the customer."

Alain Attias

SEO/SEM Officer Brother International Europe
"I have only just begun working with Palex but their response so far has been swift and courteous and they are assisting me with amendments to an order. I look forward to working with the team on many future projects!"